Yuyuan Road


 1    1    50sqm    ¥13,500/M

Hengshan Road


 2    1    166sqm    ¥29,000/M

Middle Urumqi Road


 1    1    70sqm    ¥16,000/M

Madang Road


 2    2    85sqm    ¥15,800/M

Yuyuan Road


 1    1    80sqm    ¥13,500/M

Nanchang Road


 2    2    100sqm    ¥16,500/M



 4    3    300sqm    ¥30,000/M

Summit Residence


 4    3    200sqm    ¥25,000/M

Shimao Riviera Garden


 3    3    208sqm    ¥24,900/M

Yanlord Garden


 3    2    150sqm    ¥29,000/M

Shimao Riviera Garden


 4    3    330sqm    ¥38,000/M

Skyline Mansion


 2    2    122sqm    ¥25,000/M

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Pandas Helping International Relations

The sacred animal of China has become a strong bargaining tool for the country. Pandas are praised all over the country, and rightfully so given how cute and playful the animals are. The only country pandas live in the wild is China, and China is using that to its advantage. China lends panda bears to other....

Green Villas “Harmony with Nature”

SGreen Villas is the first high-class villa project of waterscaped housing concept and one of the symbolic buildings in the Biyun International Community. Located in 700 Biyun Road, in Pudong New District, the complex is set on ...

Top Shanghai Attractions

Being the largest city in China, Shanghai has thousands of attractions which can keep your days busy for a long time. To help narrow down your search this list will provide the top 5 most recommended activities in the city...

Joanna Real Estate rewarded as Best Support Team & Top Sales 2016

In appreciation to our support to Green Villas, we had the pleasure to be invited to the 2016 Green Villas awards ceremony, an event hosting an annual competition aimed at recognizing and rewarding talented ....

Joanna's Advantages

Anastasiya Alekseeva
 It was very nice to visit all those apts together with Jeniffer, she is really very friendly and professional.I will recommend her all my friends and any newcomers from Russia
Christian NIEF
We have appreciated your service, not only for the presentation of the apartments, but also for showing us the environment, markets, shops and so on.It was very useful to help us imagine our future in Shanghai, especially for my wife
Chee Han Lee
Amber Zhang was excellent. She prepared for the assignment and was quick to understand my needs, what I’m looking for and what I will be comfortable with. Her efforts to exceed my expectation was relentless
Tim Wiebusch
All good so far. I hope after I found apartment now Tiffany will continue to support me as good as until now
Julius Emmerich
I am very satisfied with the services provided by Lynn Meng, will recommend her to my friends
Ari-Pekka & Eva Plavec
We moved to Shanghai in January but had our first contacts with JRE already during our pre-visit in last October. Even though our need for a house still was months away their representative, Jenny took excellent care of us and our needs and wishes from the beginning on. The great thing with them is simply that they very exactly record your specific wishes and preconditions and select the houses accordingly. Furthermore JRE's people openly tell you about the pros and cons of different areas, compounds and houses. Jenny made a very pleasant experience out our home search which included a good number of objects until the right one was found. Clearly a five star service that we received.
Bill Poirier
I work for Westinghouse and have been in China for 12 years using your services for our company and for the apartments I have lived in during my residencies in Beijing and Shanghai. Lynne Meng has very good English skills and was friendly and easy to communicate with. Within 24 hours she was able to help help resolve the problem
Laure and Yannick Prouteau
Thanks to Eric Wan's skills, we found the perfect place to settle for my family and I. He had always been very helpful and so dedicated to our project. He could even manage to have a car in order to ride my family from places to places and quickly fixed my son's problem with his Nintendo 3ds broken charger!
Davud Erhan
Herewith I would like to express my great gratitude towards some of your employees! Eagle Di and Carole Zhu have been a great support to me. No matter it is Saturday, Sunday or a Public Holiday, they would answer my messages within some minutes and answer my calls immediately.
Hazel Chau
I just would like to express my gratitude to Eva who helped me find a great apartment. She is quite professional and sincere and she tried her best to get an acceptable price for me. She is always delivering a high standard service.
Sophie Hennard
Tina was very pro-active. Our initial brief was not really accurate as we did not know Shanghai at all, and after a few hours she really understood our needs, adapted and made us visit properties that were good for us
I would rate Keith Zhang’s support to us on all parameters as “Excellent”. He is an excellent agent. Thanks Keith and Joanna Real Estate Agency