Terms & Fees Agreement

This document is definition of the service scope of JRE Real estate. From here on Tenant is called Party A and JRE Real Estate as Party B.

  • Home finding (until JRE finds the right property)
  • Lease Negotiation
  • Check In including Police registration (one time per whole family)
  • Tenancy Management
  • Departure Service
  • 0% Commission
  • Home finding (until JRE finds the right property)
  • Lease Negotiation
  • Check In including Police registration (one time per whole family)
  • Tenancy Management
  • Departure Service
  • 35% Commission

Service Charge Of the Residential Leasing

Party A is aware that Party B’s target property is those rental above 15000RMB. For the new lease, if Party A’s have found properties and signed the lease through Party B, Party B will not charge service fee directly from Party A as prescribed service items in the contract, but Party A agrees Party B to charge service fee from the lessor according to the market standard. If Party A budget is below 15000 RMB, while Party A would request full or main service package from Party B(including: airport pick-up, city orientation, home search, check-in assistance, lease maintenance, renewal, termination, chasing deposit, etc.), Party A only needs the home search service from Party B, Party A agrees to pay 35% of the monthly rental to Party B; if the housing budget is below 12000RMB, the service scope stipulated in this contract is not applicable.

City Orientation

After a preliminary understanding of Party A requirements and planning, Party B will arrange one or two days to prepare relevant information based on Party A’s requirements, and to conduct face to face communication, including a welcome package materials, introduction and explanation of relevant living areas, international schools, shopping, fitness and leisure aspects, and other services, etc.
City orientation includes but not limited to following contents:

a. In charge of providing company service procedures outline and written welcome materials for Party A

b. Arrange city orientation according to detailed requirements of Party A

c. Arrange school visiting and conduct relevant application procedures according to requirements of Party A


It is Party A responsibility to insure its own belongings throughout the tenancy.

Consequences of early termination

If Party A vacate the property prior to the end of the term, Party A will remain liable of losing the total amount of deposit paid at the beginning of the lease or as stipulated on the tenancy agreement. For the avoidance of doubt this clause shall not take effect where you are operating a break clause within your Tenancy Agreement.

Check-out and deposit refund

Send termination notice to landlord on behalf of Party A, and get landlord’s written confirmation. Inform management office about Party B’s expatriates’ move-out date, Party B’s staff will be present to assist with the check-out hand-over. To avoid any arguments on the check-out date, if necessary, Party B will conduct pre-check-out inspection on the leased property 1 to 2 weeks before the move-out date, if any damage is found in the property caused not by normal tear and wear, Party B will coordinate the advance repair work. Make sure landlord and Party A have cleared up all the utilities fees such as water, electricity and gas fees on the move-out date and sign the check-out handover record. (If there is any damage, pictures should be taken for future reference).


A deposit equivalent to 2 months rent(unless agreed otherwise) must be paid by Party A in cleared funds when signing the tenancy agreement and is held by the landlord for the duration of the tenancy in accordance with the terms of the tenancy agreement and where applicable.

Check-in service

Conduct pre-check-in preparation and inspection work according to the leasing contract. JRE Real Estate will conduct all the check-in procedures and finish property hand-over and inspection with landlord and Party A, record necessary details and take pictures. Arrange Landlord and Party A to sign the hand over record. Provide Party A with all the copies of hand over record.

Payment of rent

The first instalment of rent must be paid by Party A in cleared funds when signing the tenancy agreement. Thereafter, rent is payable by standing order (unless agreed otherwise) to arrive on the due date as stated in the tenancy agreement.


Any commission or other income earned by JRE Real Estate while carrying out its duties as agent for the landlord in the letting and management of the property will be retained by JRE Real Estate.

After-sales service

Party B will assist Party A to solve daily property repairing issues. Clarify duty and responsibility of both parties, applying from landlords according to requirements of Party A based on specific cases. Party B can enter the leased property for emergency repairing upon the agreement of Party A and definite who will cover the relevant cost of repairing, renovation and maintenance. Party B should supervise and follow up to accomplish all the work. If complaints arise from Party A, Party B should take quick and proper measure and steps to solve the problems. Within one month after Party A have moved into property, Party B should send customer satisfaction survey forms to Party A. Party B should improve the service level and help to solve the problems according to the feedback from Party A. Party B shall conduct greeting calls to Party A every 2-3 months during the lease period.

Renewal negotiation

Inform Party A to inquire intention of lease renewal or termination 3 months prior to the lease expires. Inform Party A the marketing price and assist Party A to get most competitive price as well as other terms and conditions. All negotiation results should be in line with Party A’s requirements. Arrange renewal contract signature. Continue to provide after-sales service to Party A according to the renewal contract.

Property Search

Party B will prepare relevant property recommendation form. After receiving Party A’s request, Party B’s property consultant will contact Party A immediately to carry out self-introduction and arrange property visiting. Party B should be in charge of arranging property visiting vehicles, conduct a thorough explanation on leasing market, the properties and relevant facilities. Strive for the most competitive rent and conditions for Party A and according to Party A’s requirements and actual market situation.

Home Search

Accompanied Service Search

Lease Negotiation

Inventory In

Apartment Set up (Lease Negotiation andInventory In)

Connection Utilities

Landlord Due Diligence

Pre View

Area Orientation

Airport Pick Up Service

Short Term Accommodation

Unaccompanied Service Booking Only

Accompanied Service

Settling In

Accompanied Service

Bank Account Opening

Departure Program

Full Departure Service

Inventory Out

Coordination of third party services

Negotiation of Dilapidations & Deposit Return

Disconnection Utilities


School Search

Accompanied Service

Tenancy Management

Per Month

Per Year

Ad hoc support (per hour)

Ad hoc support (per day)

Lease Renewal

Property Inspections

Expense Management

Expense Management (monthly)

Other Services

Car rental

Language Training

Cross Cultural Training

Driving License Conversion

Maid Service

Furniture Leasing

Spouse Career Assistance


New Initiation

Employment License

Visa Notification letter

Health Check

Registration Form of Temporary Residence

Employment Permit

Residence Permit Renewal

Residence Permit

De Registration

Employment Permit

Residence Permit


JRE Real Estate reserves the right to change the schedule of fees and these terms of business upon providing reasonable notice in writing.

* For additional information, contact leasing-sh@joannarealestate.com.cn